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Please don’t kill yourself.Take this as a signal that someone out there wants you to think about this drastic decision, halt for another day.Push that to a week, a month, a year, your life.This world is missing out on someone, missing out on YOU.Show the world what they’re missing.
Killing yourself is not an option, you need to fight, you need to win, and I’m sure you can. Any moment, any help needed, my ask is always open here, shoot me a mail. I love you, you deserve much more. Killing yourself will be a signal to your opponent, that you gave in, you succumbed to circumstances, but I know you, you’re a fighter, you’re strong.Start afresh, you will pass by this thought too. Killing is for cowards, I know you’re not.I love you from the bottom of my heart.- Ana x.(Please don’t delete the text, people must read this, it may just help) 

  • boys in fights: i hate you, man, fuck you.
  • girls in fights: your eyes are uneven and you're fat and you're an attention whore and you're dumb and i bet the only reason you have good grades is because you sleep with your teachers. also, i had sex with your boyfriend. and also I deleted you off facebook and unfollowed you and I hope you live alone for the rest of your life and even your cats run away from you. p.s your mum is sleeping with her yoga teacher. bye, cunt.

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the principal at my school made an announcement yesterday that the girls need to start covering up and then i found this in the hallway